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Friday, October 15, 2021

windy days, written by Deborah Kerbel and illustrated by Miki Sato. Pajama Press, 2021. $19.95 ages 2 and up

"Gushing wind: whoosh and whirl
Flags aflutter, pinwheels twirl

Whistling wind, stormy song
Tapping branches drum along

What, you ask. Another board book? Not exactly. Pajama Press calls these books with puffy covers and sturdy pages toddler tough. That they are, and quite wonderful to boot. Sunny Days is published, while Snow Days is due this month and Rainy Days in early 2022. They make for a lovely birth or birthday gift for a youngster you know. 

We have experienced a lot of winds this summer and fall. Some are warm and gentle, others are cold and jarring. Then, there those that are simply bothersome and seemingly endless. Wind is inevitable through the season. As little ones are invited to share this book, they will recognize the many ways that wind helps, and hinders a variety of activties. 

In the spring it scatters milkweed seeds; in summer, it powers pinwheels, and causes flags to flutter; it can also worsen powerful storms. Autumn winds inspire geese to begin their long migration to warmer places, and kites to drift in cloudy skies. Winter wind keeps children inside, or bundled up against its icy blasts. 

Ms. Kerbel uses effective, rhythmic vocabulary to give her readers a real sense of the movement, power, and joy that wind provides. Miki Sato's gorgeous, mixed-media collage artwork perfectly matches the text and provides a glorious feeling of constant motion. The textures will have readers wanting to touch the pages to feel what is shown there. Charming! 

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