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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Everything & Everywhere, by Marc Martin. Chronicle, Raincoast. 2018. $24.95 ages 8 and up

An island city in China
with bustling streets and
crowded skylines, and it's
one of the world's most
densely populated

135,000 passengers
a day going to more than
260 outlying islands."

What??? The rest of the two page spread that describes Hong Kong is filled with colorful, iconic scenes and captioned with  absorbing tidbits of information that describe the city, its markets, foods, and signs. I found myself checking out every scene.

The world's longest permanent light and sound show.

Computer market
Jade market
Costume market
Goldfish market
Sneakers street
Flower market
Business-card market

It goes on. Fascinating, to be sure.

The author describes his book in the beginning:

"The following pages are a gathering of facts,
thoughts, and observations about our planet
as seen through the eyes of an artist. Some may
intrigue you, some may surprise you, and some may
leave you with more questions than answers."

It is surely an apt description of this guide that includes numerous world sites: Antarctica, Alice Springs and Surrounds, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar, New Delhi, Moscow, Cairo, Paris, Reykjavik, New York City, Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rainforest, Rio De Janeiro, and Cape Town,

The front endpapers show a world map with all stops plotted on it. A dotted line leads from beginning to end of the tour. Endpapers at the back show a darkened world, illuminated by dots of light, and the promise that 'there's still so much to explore!" I wonder if we might see a companion book in the future.

Done with watercolor, gouache, pencil and digital collage, the author creates artwork that captures the spirit of each place. There is great variety in the destinations chosen, and much to discover as the book is explored. What a way to travel the world from the comfort of home! Enjoy every minute spent poring over it with interested readers.

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