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Friday, October 26, 2018

A World of Kindness, from the editors and illustrators of Pajama Press. 2018. $$19.95 ages 3 and up


Do you wait 
your turn?

Will you help
someone younger ...

or older?"

I think we can all use inspiration for kindness every day in every way. So, the people at Pajama Press have created this book to inspire kindness when talking with children. Royalties from the proceeds with be donated to Think Kindness, an organization you can find through a Google search. There are ideas there for school children from early years to high school, and some global suggestions as well.

Gail Winskill, Publisher at PP, asked her editors and illustrators to take part in this project which came about through an experience with her granddaughter. Alice had just started school and been treated unkindly. Her mom suggested that she do her best to be kind always. When asked 'how', Gail knew a book would help ... as so often happens.

The questions are asked of young readers, and the illustrations inspire quiet conversation about the many ways we can show kindness to others. Nine artists are included, in artwork already published or pieces specifically created for this book. They show young readers some of the many ways they can be kind and helpful.

A table of contents provides the illustrator's name, and whether the art is original, or the title of the book where it can be found. The endpapers encourage compassion, patience, sympathy, understanding, friendliness, honesty, gentleness, tact, empathy, consideration, care, generosity, tolerance, graciousness, helpfulness, and thoughtfulness - each and every one a worthy pursuit.

Empathy and kindness can be severely lacking in these divisive times, and we can often look to children to show us the way.                         

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