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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Look I'm A Scientist, edited by Helene Hilton. DK Canada, 2017. $16.99 ages 4 and up

"Air is all around you.
When air moves from one
place to another, we call it
wind. You can't see air, but
it's strong enough to blow
your hat off.

Hear the wind.
You can make simple
wind chimes with sticks.
Hang them outside ... "

Kids are perfect scientists. They are endlessly curious and full of questions and observations about their world. They use their senses at every turn; at times, in front of horrified adults. If you have a budding scientist in your house, this is a terrific book to have and share.

It is filled with a ton of fun that kids can do at home. Here are some questions you might encourage if they don't think of them on their own:

"What will happen if I do this?
What can I hear, smell, see, taste
and feel?
Why did that happen?
Does the same thing always
How can I find out more?"

They will set them on course of discovery in the present, and perhaps for the future.

*Make slime and see what you can fashion using it.
*Discover the freezing and melting properties of water,
and how animals that get trapped in the ice can be
*Make a wooden chime and a pinwheel to help you
discover the power of the wind.
*Make your own bubbles ... of all shapes and sizes!

Sharing the 14 activities described here will make for a fun-filled day and will up your child's science knowledge! The photos are just right for the age group, showing kids just like them working at the various ideas shared. Needed materials are clearly shown, and the method is easy to follow. Learning about the senses and using them to make scientific discoveries makes for an awesome time spent together.

And don't forget to check out
It's a great learning site for all.

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