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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Give Me Back My Book! Written by Travis Foster and illustrated by Ethan Long. Chronicle, Raincoast. 2017. $23.99 ages 4 and up

"I cannot part with my green book. It has a hard cover, a nice spine, the pages turn from right to left, and, if you are adventurous, from
left to right. There are letters on each page and they are gathered together to form words ... "

Redd and Bloo can't seem to get along while trying to decide who really owns the green book. One assures the other that each is the owner. The confrontation escalates, until Bookworm decides to handle the situation.

Redd has the green book in his possession when we begin to read. Bloo is angry and wants his book back. Redd sings its praises ... all those elements that make it a book. It has pages; it's green; it has a hard cover, a spine, and pages that turn right to left ... or left to right, if a reader so desires. It has letters to make words, and they mean something. Add to that a table of contents, chapters and occasional illustrations. Wow, it is very special indeed.

Bloo knows all about books, and he is sure that the book belongs to him. It even has a bent page, which is what Bloo did to it. The arguing continues. Hearing the ruckus, Bookworm pops up and retrieves it, quickly returning to her home in possession of said book. Redd and Bloo have no means to get it back. They cannot reach into Bookworm's reading room.

But, they have an idea. They will make a new book, using all that they know about them. They will entice Bookworm with it, and get their own book back. Did I say 'their'? I wonder if there is a solution. What will Bookworm think of the book they trade?

Young listeners will howl at their antics, and in the reading learn a bit more than they may have known when they started. A win for everyone involved!

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