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Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Thank You Book, by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books for Children, Hachette. 2016. $10.99 ages 3 and up


You are forgetting someone!

Someone VERY important.


Oh! Now I know who you are
talking about."

Piggie is fully aware of how lucky she is!. So, in this the final book in the Elephant and Piggie series, she wants to be sure to thank every single friend who has made her life so special. They are all very important to her. As he often does, Gerald tries to protect Piggie from herself by suggesting that it might be very difficult to remember EVERYONE. What if she forgets someone?  Won't she feel terrible?

Being Piggie, she assures Gerald he need not worry. She is about to engage in a THANK-O-RAMA and no one will be left out. Off she goes. She is a 'thanking machine'. She even remembers the flies ( you know, the ones from I Really Like Slop!). Every character from all of the first 24 books gets a nod of gratitude from said Pig. Gerald persists in his worry that someone is going to be missed ... someone VERY important.

When she can't think of anyone else, Gerald is perplexed and angry. A goof needs to be amended. Piggie heaps profuse thanks on her best buddy. While he appreciates her gratitude, he tells her that he is not the one she should thank.

"WHO DID I FORGET TO THANK!?!" she screeches.

Gerald quietly reminds his best friend about the loyal readers who have been part of their journey.

"Thank you for being our reader!
We could not be "us" without you.
You are the best!"

'Nuff said. 
And you heard it here ... not for the first time. The best $250 you could ever spend would get you this incredible library for your kids, or for a newborn's shower! Get your friends together and give the gift of a lifetime!

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