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Monday, October 16, 2023

Look Up High! Things That Fly, by Victoria Allenby. Pajama Press, 2023. $21.95 ages 2 and up

"Look up high!
Helicopters fly. 
How? Where? 
Look up there!
The helicopter 
hovers above 
the hill.

In volume 6 of the Big, Little Concepts series, Ms. Allenby looks up at the many 'flyers' the sky offers. A jet plane, a glider, and others are shown in clear, colorful photos that inspire the littlest readers to search the sky for the wonders to be found there. 

Kids love watching things that fly, including a toy airplane. The photographs and repetitive words encourage language learning as well. Well-chosen verbs followed by meaningful prepositions create an easy lesson for little ones. They don't even know it's educational, as well as great fun.  

The final image asks an important question: How would YOU zoom across the sky?  

As has been a part of the other books in this fine series, there is a section at the end for those who interact with readers of these books. There are suggestions made for the types of activities that will engage little ones in further learning and encourage them to try positioning themselves in relation to objects where they are. An 'I Spy' game is suggested. 

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