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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Kumo the bashful cloud, written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Nathalie Dion. tundra, Penguin Random House. 2022. $24.99 ages 6 and up

"What a mistake. 
She was stuck. 

Fortunately, a friendly kite
came along to help. 

And a kindly wind gave an extra lift. 
It felt good to be free again.

Poor Kumo. All she wants is to wander through the sky unnoticed. She likes being mostly invisible. A change comes for her when a problem occurs, and her help is needed. Cumulus and Cirrus are unable to do their normal work. Kumo is the answer to their woes; she, on the other hand, is seriously concerned. 

"What if people point?
What if I'm too airy? 
Too stormy?
Too wispy?

Her lack of confidence in herself has her wondering if she is up to the job entrusted to her. Closing her eyes, she sets off. Soon, she is stuck in a tree. Luckily, a kite helps. A wind moves her along. Her drifting takes her to many places, even dropping a touch of rain on a field and protecting a gardener from the sun. There is so much to see! A young daydreaming boy brings awareness for what the sky holds for dreamers. 

When she comes upon unfamiliar clouds along the way, she worries that they may not want her to join them. In fact, they do and she enjoys their company as they move together across the sky. Kumo enjoyes being in their company, and lets go of her doubt. As the sky darkens, all the clouds move off and leave her on her own. Well, not quite. What a day it has been! 

Mixed media illustrations by Nathalie Dion are very impressive. Young readers will feel they know the characters, and the softness long associated with clouds sailing across the skies. Kids who find the outside world a touch disconcerting will see in Kumo a kindred spirit. The images soothe and comfort as Kumo finds an ability to do what she has been asked to do, and to find friendship along the way to doing it. 

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