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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Snails Are Just My Speed! By Kevin McCloskey. Toon Books, Publishers Group Canada. 2018. $18.95 ages 4 and up

"Snails make a lot of mucus.
Mucus is my sunscreen. 

With mucus, they can travel
on any surface.

I can climb over a knife and
not get hurt." 

This is one of the books that Sicily and I read daily while she was here in May. She loved it, and had a lot to learn about snails. It is the fourth title in a wonderful set written by Kevin McCloskey, called the Giggle and Learn series. Others include the early reader comics, We Dig Worms (2015), The Real Poop on Pigeons (2016), and Something's Fishy (2017). Informative and funny, they deserve a place in nonfiction bins and on library shelves.

Despite the mucus trails, snails are endlessly fascinating for so many other reasons. They move so slowly that even an earthworm is '50 times faster than a SNAIL.' They can hide from those animals who wouldn't mind having them for dinner by camouflaging themselves in rock piles. They do have enemies - salamanders, hedgehogs, toads, frogs and blue herons. They can be a menace in gardens and they are messy! Some people even eat them.

So much to learn, and is such an inviting format. The cartoon illustrations will be much appreciated, while also offering useful facts. Variety in species is shared, as is a step-by-step guide for drawing them. Your students will love them!

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