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Friday, August 25, 2017

Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Ned Young. Disney-Hyperion, Hachette. 2017. $17.99 ages 4 and up

"Super Saurus packed ...

and plotted ...

and packed some more.

The big day arrived. "All
ready?" Mom asked.

"Oh, yes," said Arnold."

Emily is totally prepared for kindergarten, and she is as ready as she will ever be. Arnold, on the other hand, is prepared for escape, unsure of the risks that school might bring. His imagination is out of control when it comes to what is likely to happen once he starts school.

His alter-ego, Super Saurus, has plans and is willing to share them. At every turn, he does his best to thwart the dangers inherent in what appears to be a normal day for every other kid. He imagines that his teacher is Zorgo the Evil Genius (in disguise at Mr. Z). He packs everything he needs to avoid capture. In his superhero cape and mask, he works to the best of his ability to escape the sub (the family car) and dons Sticky Shoes to take him to the top of a nearby building (the school play structure). His dad is prepared for all attempts at escape and soon has Arnold standing in the kindergarten classroom, meeting the real Zorgo, Mr. Z. 

So it goes through his first day at school; the adventures of Super Saurus, always on the lookout to keep the others safe from danger and risking his own safety for the greater good. Mr. Z. is ever patient, and values all that Super Saurus does in the classroom. He makes it pretty easy for 'Arnold' to return the following day. He has been the hero every classroom needs, particularly this kindergarten class. He will be back.

Every detail shared in Ned Young's wild and wonderful illustrations will have readers stopping to reflect on all that is happening here. Clever and full of action and energy, they allow imaginations to soar right along with Super Saurus as he plies his trade and faces the inherent dangers of that first day. Be sure to take careful note yourself as you share this book repeatedly.

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