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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mr. Postmouse's Rounds, written by Marianne Dubuc. Kids Can Press, 2015. $18.95 ages 3 and up

"At the Birds', Mr. Postmouse
climbs up. up, up into the trees.
Luckily, he isn't afraid of heights.

It's a delivery of nuts for
Mr. Squirrel, as usual.

Then it's time for lunch.
Mr. Postmouse stops at
his friend Mr. Dragon's
for some barbecue."

Mr. Postmouse takes his job seriously. On Monday morning he loads his wagon, and sets off to deliver the mail. From house to house he goes, leaving just exactly what his neighbors are expecting.
Each of them has their own unique dwelling, an invitation for little listeners to stop and take a long look at the many details shown in cross-section, both above and below ground.

The text is simple, while also allowing for leaning about habitat and the postal system itself. Children are sure to be intrigued with identifying the many neighbors visited as Mr. Postmouse makes his rounds. Observant listeners will note the stories that are taking place within the main tale. Each home has its own story to tell. There is an also an opportunity to let the imagination run wild trying to plot tales of their own as they carefully consider all that is going as they journey along the route. There are even some fairy tale characters for those who know their stories. A few of the neighbors get their comeuppance.

This is an animal world you don't want your children or your early years students to miss. They are sure to miss some of the tiny tableaux on the first read - a perfect solution will be to revisit the dutiful postman as he makes his rounds once more. Beautifully designed, presented with panache, and uncluttered while often humorous, if this is your first book created by the talented Marianne Dubuc, it should not be your last.

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