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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Water Rolls, Water Rises, written by Pat Mora and illustrated by Meilo So. Children's Book Press, Lee & Low. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2014. $23.95 ages 3 and up

"Blown by the wind,
water sails high.
Tumbling cloud plumes
curl through the air.

Soplada por el viento,
el agua se remonta.
Volutas nebulosas
ruedan por el aire. "

Do you love to sit and watch young children glory in the joys of water?  Bath time for babies, puddles for toddlers and their caregivers, rainbows and umbrellas for others; each will evoke memories from earlier times or spawn brand new ones. Then, consider water and how it impacts all that we do.

Pat Mora has chosen to pen charming and incredibly simple poems, written in both Spanish and English, to give readers pause and an invitation to join in her celebration of water in its many forms. Not only does she show her readers the variety to be found in life's sustaining liquid, she also varies the settings for each of her poems. She writes about waves, frost, clouds, waterfalls, geysers, rivers and other forms of running water.

This is a lovely and inventive trip around the world which shows us that just as water differs so do the people and places that reap its benefits. Meilo So's perfect watercolors accompany the pleasing rhythms of the poetic text, using beautiful lines and elegant details to explore the movement and grandeur. The design is elegant and eye-catching.

Back matter includes a key to the locations for each spread, and an author's note.

Truly beautiful, and worthy of our attention.


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