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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hank Finds An Egg, by Rebecca Dudley. Peter Pauper Press, 2013. $16.99 ages 3 and up

This beautiful photographic
book needs no words to
impart its heartfelt story of
tender love and kindness.

Meet Hank who makes
kindness a way of life and
encourages us to so the same.

Hank is pretty little. When he finds an egg in the woods, he wants to help. Being small has its difficulties. Hank doesn't let that stop him. He knows where the egg belongs, but must use all of his 'smarts' to assure its return.

First, he tucks it safely in a basket and carries it on his back, while trying to find the means to put it back in its rightful place. A short stump may help...not tall enough for the boost he needs. Perhaps a ladder made from nearby sticks? Nope! The sun is setting and Hank must find shelter and warmth for himself and the egg. Tucked safely under a leafy layer, he falls asleep.

The morning brings renewed determination to complete his task. Mama Hummingbird has noticed that an egg is missing. Hank gives reassurance that all is well. He fashions a soft nest, ties it with a blade of grass, and hands it tenderly to the tiny mother. She returns it to the nest, while Hank rests happily against a nearby tree. The baby birds are soon born safely, and show their delighted appreciation.

Hank might have walked away. What about you? We don't need to tell children what they should do, we need to show them. That is exactly what Hank does so beautifully. No words needed.

The collage artwork and first-rate photography give us a front row seat to the rescue and a chance to understand Hank's feelings and actions as his kindness bubbles forth.  It's a charmer, and is sure to be shared again and again.

Here's another take on kindness that I think is a worthy read, and an example for each of us to follow every day of our lives:

And here's the grateful mama, and her hero!


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