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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I Am (Not) Scared, written by Anna Kang and illustrated by Christopher Weyant. two lions, Amazon. Thomas Allen & Son, 2017. $25.99 ages 3 and up

"Don't worry,
there are much scarier
things than this.

Like what?

Like ...

Yes. They are scary!"

The bears are back! Young fans will be excited to see what they are up to this time. They have argued, as you know. They have shown us their world from separate points of view. Can they agree that a roller coaster is scary? I wonder.

In the beginning they seem to have opposing views. The little purple guy has a big smile, while the much bigger orange one looks concerned. Flip the page and they disagree.

"You are scared."

"I am not scared ...  
Are you?"  

Is it the LOOP OF DOOM that makes the bigger one admit that he might be? That roller coaster looks huge, and moves very fast. The little one lets him know there are much scarier things. They share what scares them. Finally, the roller coaster (with a snake aboard) scares them plenty. The snake, although shaken, seems keen to ride again. Can they be scared together?

Their fears are justified as they climb aboard and head off. Watching their expressions as they make their way around the coaster's course is a real hoot and will have kids begging for more. And, as so often happens when fears are faced, it sets them up to give it another try! Maybe being scared isn't so bad after all, if you are together.

This is a perfect pairing of text and art. Read it once, and then read it again. The kids will not tire of the story. (And they will surely want to add their own ideas to a growing list of expressed fears.)                                                                  

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