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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Little Red, by Bethan Woollvin. Two Hoots, Pan Macmillan. Publishers Group Canada. 2016. $24.99 ages 4 and up

"And he made a plan.

The wolf said goodbye to
Little Red Riding Hood,
took a shortcut through the
trees, and found Grandma's

Which was unlucky for

I will be first to admit that I have a soft spot for fairy tales written in a brand new way. I appreciate when authors stick to the bones of the story. A twist in the tale is what makes a new version work for me.

Bethan Woollvin's Little Red has spunk. You can see it in her eyes! The front endpapers invite some speculation for those new to the fairy tale, and a reminder for those who have heard it previously. A little girl in a bright red coat stands (hands in pocket) amongst the forest trees. A sly black wolf does his best to hide himself behind one of them. The back endpapers add a new twist, and a sweet touch of humor.

Little Red's mom passes a basket to her daughter with a familiar request. Grandma is ill and needs some cake. Her journey begins. It doesn't take long for the wolf to make his appearance. Little Red is fearless, and a tad suspicious. The wolf makes his plan and is off to act on it. Poor Grandma! As readers would expect, he settles himself in Grandma's duds and in her bed. Little Red knows something is amiss. She can see the poorly disguised wolf, but not her Grandma. Little Red makes a plan of her own. Totally prepared, she makes her way inside.

Poor Wolf!

She is bold and unfazed by things that are sure to scare other little girls, 'but not this little girl." This little girl has no need for rescue. She can take of herself, thank you very much! Her journey home sees her wearing a much different look, and a big smile. Bravo, Little Red.                                                                        

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