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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bear and Hare: Where's Bear, by Emily Gravett. Macmillan, Publishers Group Canada. 2015. $11.99 ages 2 and up

"1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Where's Bear?


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Where's Bear?"

Oh, my! Have I got a treat for you today!!

Bear and Hare are back for another adventure ... this time, it's game time. The two are playing hide-and-seek. Emily Gravett once more proves why her books remain favorites with children and their parents. She offers brilliantly expressive illustrations alongside clever storytelling that has children at their heart. Emily Gravett knows little ones: she knows how they think, she knows what is sure to strike their funny bone, and she makes books that they REALLY want to read on their own.

I'm not sure you can imagine just how difficult it must be for a bear to find a hiding place. If you can't,  Ms. Gravett is up to the challenge of showing you. There are so many good places for Bear to choose. He tries a lamp shade, then a stack of books, even a transparent fish tank. Poor Hare ... it's frustrating that he makes it so easy.

What if Hare tries to hide? Will that make for a better game? Bear looks in a teapot, under the rug, behind a picture. No Hare! In a clever ploy inspired by noticing Hare's hiding feet, Bear finally finds success in making the game a contest. Without meaning to, he scares Hare into looking in all of the familiar hiding spots that Bear has used. Not finding Bear, Hare is frantic ... and yelling for her friend. Perfect ending!

Boldly colored, expressive faces, humorous, and chock full of opportunities for discussion and new learning, it would be a wonderful addition to your toddler's personal book shelf! If you are a fan of Emily Gravett's work, you will want to pore over the subtle details she includes in this wonderful board book; it is the newest in a series of four. Here are the others:

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