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Monday, January 27, 2014

Human Body, Facts at Your Fingertips. Written by Richard Walker. DK, Tourmaline Editions, Inc. 2013. $8.99 ages 12 and up

"Bones are strong, but sometimes they fracture or break. When this happens, a self-repair mechanism springs into action. This process may need outside help from doctors to ensure that the bones - especially the arm and leg bones - are kept straight while they heal."

The Pocket Genius series is perfect for young readers on a quest to find out all there is to know about a variety of subjects. They are packed with information that can be easily accessed in the table of contents, and again in the glossary and index. All are reliable and most helpful for finding what you want to know.

The information is up to date, and often surprising. Kids love facts, and you will be aware of those children in your family or classroom who seek books that will provide them with what they need to know. Many young people want the facts, just the facts, about their own body. Here, they will find a well designed guide to provide clear, captioned photographs and illustrations and a close look at all the workings of the human body.

Chapters are arranged to give readers a clear look at being human, with information on bones and joints, blood and heart, lungs and breathing, digestion and waste, brain, nerves and senses, and the life cycle. From the trillions of tiny cells that make up our bodies to the inherited genes that 'contain the instructions needed to build and run the body', we learn what a truly amazing machine it is.

A quick recap of the book is included in the back matter, with bulleted, significant points repeated for quick reference. This is an excellent resource for middle grade learners.

Other books in the Pocket Genius series include Animals, Dinosaurs, Rocks and Minerals, Sharks, Ancient Egypt, Earth, Bugs, Space, Horses, Mammals, Science.

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