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Friday, May 13, 2016

Horrible Bear! Written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah OHora. Little, Brown and Company, Hachette. 2016. $20.49 ages 3 and up

"Bear practiced barging.

He practiced making a

He practiced waking
someone up.

Bat squeaked.

"Perfect!" Bear said."

When a bear makes a mistake (inadvertently, because he is asleep), he has no idea about the ruckus that is unleashed when a little redhead yells at him! She is in his face, and full of anger. Once she has given him a piece of her mind - HORRIBLE BEAR! - she 'stomps'  away from his cave and heads for home. Anything, and anyone, in her path is made fully aware of her feelings for the bear who smashed her kite.

On the other side of the twosome is the bear, who feels exasperated by the tirade, knowing that he has no reason to feel badly. He feels righteous in blaming her for the predicament in which they find themselves. She came into his cave. She's the one who did the yelling. As he storms about, he makes a decision ... a decision that only a 'horrible bear' might make. Off he stomps!

The little girl tries to soothe her spirit with drawing, reading, talking it out - nothing works! Her ranting does result in her own big mistake. She has torn the ear off her ear off her 'stuffie' - her confidante. That mistake sparks a realization.

Bear, too, is very upset with what has transpired and is full of determination to set the record straight with the intruder. He roars himself from his place to hers. When he arrives, things suddenly change for both. All it takes are two little words. You might know them.

OHora’s acrylic paint on paper illustrations are full of the emotions felt by Ms. Dyckman's appealing characters. Young readers will find much to love about them. On every spread they demonstrate the unrestrained reaction fully felt by both characters. He also portrays humor in the stomping about and drama of each one's response, and fills the book with details sure to elicit talk.

It is a perfect for reading aloud! It won't be the last time you share it.

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