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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Where, Oh Where, is Rosie's Chick, written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins. Hodder Children's Books, Hachette. 2015. $ 15.99 ages 3 and up

 "But, oh no!

Where is little
baby chick?

Rosie looked
under the hen house,
but the little baby
chick wasn't there."

Oh, how we loved Rosie's Walk! We read it at home, and at school. It was one of those perfect books for children learning to read. Now, here is its sequel ... and it is sure to be another classic for young readers.

It's been almost fifty years since we first shared it. In today's book, Rosie's egg has just hatched and the chick is missing. Neither mother nor offspring are terribly astute. Rosie is focused on finding her precious little one and searches the farm's every nook and cranny. No matter where she looks, the chick cannot be found. Little listeners will be unable to keep themselves from letting Rosie know exactly what is happening behind her. Her little one, still sporting part of its shell, is following her every move. Rosie, of course, never looks back.

Luckily, her friends come to her aid. They finally let her know that her chick is right behind her. It appears that they have also been in some danger (echoing events of that first book). Having found each other, the two are off for a pleasant walk together.

 Children who know the first story will recognize the beehives, the familiar bold colors, the detailed backgrounds, the inadvertent humor and the return of old friends. Who could ask for more? Sharp-eyed readers will take note of the many differences that exist between the story the words are telling and the one being told by Pat Hutchins' glorious images.

A new favorite can now be placed side by side with an old favorite on a child's own library shelf. It is a book to be shared with generations to come, just as its companion book has been.

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