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Friday, July 3, 2015

Little Miss, BIG SIS, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Harper. 2015. $21.99 ages 4 and up

"Little Miss
will be a big sis.

Will be a big sis?


Waiting and waiting.

Then ... "

Yesterday I told you about Rodeo Red and the troublesome Slim. Today, I want to share a brand new companion book to Plant a Kiss (Harper, 2011). In that first book we met Little Miss and learned that one small act of being kind to others can grow until it encompasses far more than one might expect.

In this second book about such a lovely young girl, we learn about the drama and delight of a new sibling. Yes, there are difficult times. It seems that those are far outweighed by the lovely ones. She is pretty excited to learn that a new baby is expected, waits endlessly for the arrival, and is set to experience all that being a big sister means.

There is nothing she won't try. She changes diapers, allows drool to drip on her cheek and chin, does her best to accept the new sibling's foibles with grace and patience. She sits alongside the sleeping sib, helps with feeding, and basks in the love that smiling, growing baby has for her. She enjoys the funny moments, worries when danger seems imminent, puts up with stolen toys and pulled hair. All the while, that baby falls more and more in love with the big sister who is always there to hug and support.

The text is spare, but meaningful. Peter Reynolds' artwork perfectly matches the charming tale. He assures that readers will understand and appreciate the love felt between the two. There are some issues; the images created in soft watercolors assure that no matter the fuss, love wins out.

This is a perfect book for any family expecting a new addition, and would make a welcome gift.

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