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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A to Z of Animals: An Animal Expedition, written by Rachel Williams and illustrated by Peter David Scott. Key Porter Kids, 2009. $15.95 ages 3 and up

“Discover some fascinating facts about all the different animals you have seen in this book and a few that you might not have spotted…"

What an invitation!

There is never much to say about alphabet books about animals...except that it is a book that follows the alphabet and shows the wild animal being described. That, however, would not give this lavish book the praise that it deserves. On each page one animal is the star, and another the understudy (not so obvious, but also stunning). What a steal of a deal for this gorgeous animal alphabet! You have to see the lovely detailed artwork to believe its authenticity and dramatic power. To add to the value, the author includes fact-filled notes at the end of the book. Kids will love it!

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