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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Christmas Magic, written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Jon J Muth. Scholastic, 2009. $ 21.99 ages 4 and up

“Every year, just when the nights are longest and the stars shine brightest, Santa feels a tingling in his whiskers. Then he knows that the Christmas magic will soon be here.”

While sitting at the computer working on this post, I have been watching classic Laverne and Shirley episodes with Erin...laughing out loud and excited to watch 'just one more'. The one we are watching at the moment is called "Oh, Hear the Angels' Voices' which aired on December 21, 1976. While Lenny and Squiggy's song in honor of Santa Claus has a distinctly different tone than this beautiful book, it is worth watching!

Now, on to tell you all about this lovely, timeless holiday story. When the nights are the longest and the stars are shining brightest in the north, Santa feels a 'tingling' in his whiskers. He knows that the time is coming and he must make his preparations for the upcoming season. He brings the reindeer home and feeds them well so that they are ready for the long, arduous ride. Santa polishes the jingle bells and the sleigh, and takes care to choose the perfect gift for each child of the world. He loves each one and knows them well enough to know just exactly what it is they want. The gentle words of this tale are perfect for a Christmas Eve bedtime read. It is made more beautiful with Jon Muth's wintry pastel watercolors. They warm the cold evening air and our hearts as it is shared. It might even become a new classic for your holiday season.

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