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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chester’s Back, written by Melanie Watt. Kids Can Press, Toronto. 2008. $18.95 hardcover ages 4 and up

“Dear admirers,

Due to an OVERWHELMING amount of fan mail, I, Chester, am back with an amazing, brilliant, SMART, SUPER new book! C."

Oh boy, Chester's back with a vengeance and we are the definitely delighted viewers of the return engagement to the duelling that happens between he and his creator, the talented and very funny Melanie Watt. He has such an huge feeling of self-importance and she is bending over backwards to create a story for Chester that will satisfy him. Of course, nothing is likely to do that! He edits almost everything she writes, including the dedication and adds comments to the text, which speak to his character. His fans seem to find it quite endearing, not so his author. He perpetually adds his own spin to the story, billing himself 'the great Chesterdini' in an effort to prove himself the star, which he already is. Driven to distraction by his unending interruptions, the author looks for another star...but that will not work! Bowing to his power, she wonders what he wants and is met with a list that would make any other self-serving star seem tame. There is little subtlety in this cat's demeanor and readers will delight in the diva demands. Just when the table seem to turn on Chester, he takes it to the limit and leaves us in stitches. Hopefully you have the first Chester book (Kids Can, 2007) and you will be able to share the fun of both books (and all the laughs) at one sitting.

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