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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Will Bear Share and Will Sheep Sleep, by Hilary Leung. Cartwheel Books, Scholastic. 2018. $10.99 ages 2-4

"Will Bear share
her berries?


Will Bear share
her book? "

What do you think?

Hilary Leung is creating a new series of books he calls 'animal question books'. In this one he puts sharing in perspective for little ones. Double page spreads ask and answer questions concerning what Bear is willing to share. Bear is a happy participant in the idea, until the talk turns to a toothbrush. The response changes abruptly ... and for good reason.

It isn't only the toothbrush that creates a bit of a complication. Favorite toy? Pretty personal. Ice cream? I wonder. Then, it's friends to the rescue ... and a reminder to readers concerning their own willingness to share. I loved the final panel!

Little readers will very much enjoy the pleasing artwork that accompanies this format.

"Will drinking water
help Sheep sleep?


Will Hopsie
help Sheep sleep?

Nope. "

Parents of toddlers are sure to see their child in this lead-up to bedtime. Haven't we all been privy to the many requests made to stall a child's giving in to sleep? Sheep is so cute, has spent the day playing hard, and is beyond tired after all of the activity.

That is exactly the time when little ones do their utmost to keep those peepers from drooping and sleep from taking over. Once again, the question and answer format shows some absolutely familiar avoidance tactics - brushing teeth, a story, a night light. Lovely backgrounds and intimate, quiet  details help to bring a feeling of peace and quiet. What finally works? You will have to read it to see for yourself.

Irresistible animal characters, done in basic shapes and bold colors will capture attention and encourage discussion of the varied scenarios. Sharing and sleeping are important issues for the toddlers likely to have these books read to them. There are problems to be faced, and surprises to delight. Expect to see all of these animal characters in future additions to this very pleasing series.

Fun to read, and another great couple of books for that baby shower basket!

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