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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Who Can? Written by Charles Ghigna and illustrated by Vlasta van Kampen. Orca Publishers, 2018. $9.95 ages 2-5

"Who does fishy flips
and has sharp teeth?

Who does? 


Oh! I love this book!  And you will, too.

The book begins with a two page spread, and a question. “Who can sing while sitting in a tree? Who can?” Careful consideration of the accompanying illustration offers a clue for the answer to that first question. The tall green-leafed trees conceal a colorful, pointed beak. The left side of the following page reveals the TOUCAN. The right side asks the next question and provides a visual clue to the answer expected. What fun! 

The pattern continues with an invitation (large, bold font) to the reader to provide the answers with great gusto. That will encourage young listeners to join in reading it the second time it is shared. Soon, they will be reading it, mostly on their own. The ample white space focuses the reader on the animal just described and the one to come. The colors are bold and realistic.

Jaunty, rhythmic, and filled with wordplay, it provides many chances to bolster vocabulary and literary understanding. You will find much to consider while reading it together.

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