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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Where Will I Live? Written by Rosemary McCarney. Second Story Press, 2017. $$19.95 ages 3 and up

"They ride ...
or walk ...
or run, hoping to find
a peaceful place.

But where will I live?
Will it be down the road ...
beyond this hill ...
past this fence ...
across the sea?"

Is it possible to share enough books about the plight of children in our world today? So many have been displaced by war, weather, and religious persecution. It is important that we have empathy for each and every one.

This book, filled with compelling photographs of children and their families who do not know where the path they are on might lead, is essential to have in school libraries today. No matter the means of travel, they must wonder every day what will happen to them, to their family, and to the others who travel with them. Seeing their beautiful, haunting faces cannot help but make readers think seriously about the joy these children often find in life despite very trying circumstances, the love they feel for their family and friends, the hope they hold in their hearts for better times.

The text, written by Canada's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations, reflects the trauma of being forced to leave home to find another place of peace and understanding. Nations of the world are welcoming these children and their families daily. It is our chance to help those who do not have the security of a home. Will they find one with us?

Let's be sure we start those discussions in our families, and in our classrooms. Their journeys are long, their lives uncertain, their future might depend on our response to their arrival in our towns and cities. Surely we can do out best. Knowing other cultures and helping fellow human beings can only make our lives better.

"I hope someone smiles and says "Welcome home."
I hope that someone is you."

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