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Friday, June 2, 2017

Share, Big Bear, Share! by Maureen Wright and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. two lions, Amazon. Thomas Allen & Son, 2017. $25.99 ages 3 and up

"Birds and squirrels
and two little mice
thought the berries
looked very nice!

But Bear just sighed
with a dreamy grin,
hugged his pail,
and dug right in!"

Big Bear is back, and his fans are sure to be delighted with his return. Of course they will also be expecting a great deal of chaos, knowing how hard of hearing he is and the trouble that it brings to following any directions given by Old Oak.

This time, the issue is sharing! It takes patience, which the oak tree has, and a few tries. Finally, Bear gets the message, but not before a few funny, funny scenes that will have little listeners giggling with delight.

Bear looks much the same as he did in two previous books, Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! and Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! His tummy may seem a little fuller - and well it should!

"Big Bear smiled and rubbed his tummy.
The berries he'd picked were very yummy!
He lounged by a tree and laughed with glee.
"These berries," he said, "are just for me!"

How rude! If you check Will Hillenbrand's image of the oak tree in the background, you will know exactly how he is feeling about the abundance of berries headed straight into bear's belly. He is not impressed, and he has something to say about it.

"Branches shook on the old oak tree,.
A deep, low voice said, "Listen to me ...
"Share, Big Bear, share!"

Somehow Bear misunderstood.
He didn't pay attention like a good bear should."

Just as we expected, it takes some time for the tree to make its point. After combing his 'hair' going to his 'lair', checking under a 'chair', and even jumping up to 'scare', Big Bear FINALLY gets it ... Lesson learned in a story full of wit, charm and illustrated to match.

Perfect for reading aloud, this book will be enjoyed by all who hear it. You will not be able to read it just once. I guarantee that!

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