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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Poppy Louise Is NOT Afraid of Anything, written by Jenna McCarthy and illustrated by Molly Idle. Random House, 2017. $22.99 ages 4 and up

"At the zoo, Poppy's favorite animals are the alligators. She presses her face up against the glass and smiles at them. She loves it when the alligators smile back. She'd stay there all day, but her family usually drags her away to see some boring birds. Poppy thinks vampires are cute ... "

You know those kids - nothing scares them, or so they profess. Poppy is one of those kids; a girl who knows that she can face anything and never be afraid!

Poppy Louise wishes her friends felt the same way. Undaunted when handling snakes, feasting with imaginary monsters and dreaming of racing cars for a living,  she shows disappointment when her friends would rather have the lights on, do a puzzle, go on the kiddie rides at the park, or read books. What a catastrophe!

Her family is concerned when she suggests outlandish ideas for family walks in the dark of night. Her sister Petunia is cautious, and doesn't mind being that way. Poppy has her way of doing things, much to the irritation and concern of her family. There is so much she loves they just cannot appreciate!
Petunia tries to scare her sister. Nothing works. Then, when Petunia is scared, Poppy is the first person she calls. Poppy loves to help.

When Finn's rocket gets stuck in a tree, it's Poppy to the rescue. Her descent is cause for concern on Poppy's part - something she didn't consider as she made her way to the uppermost branches to retrieve the rocket. Petunia does some coaxing, Finn helps with the ladder. Poppy is very careful as she makes her way back to earth.

Maybe there is ONE little thing that Poppy is afraid of - what do you think?

Molly Idle creates expressive, energetic illustrations to show Poppy at her most plucky. They are as playful as the story itself and will keep young readers attentive to Poppy's emotions throughout the telling.

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