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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Big Book of Canada: Exploring the Provinces and Territories. (Updated Edition) Written by Christopher Moore and illustrated by Bill Slavin. Tundra Books, Random House. 2017. $45.99 ages 10 and up

The Winnipeg Jets had joined the National Hockey League in 1979, but the team moved away in 1996. Winnipeg kept fighting to get its team back, and in 2011 the Winnipeg Jets were reborn.
The Canadian Museum of Human Rights opened in a spectacular new building near the Forks  ... "

This book was originally published in 2002. It has been updated this year  in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday! It will serve readers well for browsing, and learning more about the country they live in. Perfect for the coffee table, or the classroom bookshelf, it is meant to inform anyone interested in our history, and tells how Canada has grown both regionally and nationally. Being able to concentrate on the provinces and territories one at a time is sure to garner interest for families, too.

Each chapter covers landscapes, special moments, peoples, places on its map, industry, famous and infamous provincial characters, law and order, plus a list of general information and a page that describes something unique about the province itself. It's accessible format and easy style give readers the opportunity to visit a place that may be unfamiliar to them. It's a great way to visit Canada without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.

 Archival photographs, full-color illustrations, maps, and information boxes add to the appeal. Bill Slavin has done a wonderful job of providing details and garnering attention for what is depicted throughout the lengthy text. In back matter there are suggestions for further reading by provincial writers that give further context to life in each of the provinces. For example, Manitoba works include writings by Margaret Laurence, W. D. Valgardson, Arthur Slade, and Chester Brown.

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