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Monday, February 13, 2017

We Found a Hat, written and illustrated by Jon Klassen. Candlewick Press, Random House. 2016. $21.99 ages 4 and up

"How does it look on me?

It looks good on you too.

It looks good on both of us.

But it would not be right
if one of us had a hat
and the other did not.

There is only one thing to do."

If you were looking to learn about the PERFECT last book in the 'hat' trilogy, and by some weird happenstance you haven't read how wonderful it is yet, I am here to tell you it is INSPIRED!
I have shared the first two books so many times they look like my original copy of Where The Sidewalk Ends (Harper, 1974). Much loved and very tattered. I Want My Hat Back (Candlewick, 2011) and This Is Not My Hat (Candlewick, 2012) remain perennial favorites in many classrooms and homes. Deservedly so!

Skip ahead to 2016. I waited with much anticipation to get my hands on this new book - I just knew I would not be disappointed. I WAS NOT! I never get tired of sharing it, of listening to young listeners as they voice their reactions and their plea to read it one more time. "OK! Fine!" I say.

The artwork is familiar, and the characters appealing. The desert, two turtles, and a white hat. Their discovery is shared; there is only one hat and two heads. It looks equally good on each. They make the difficult decision to leave it where they found it. So many emotions are shown in deceptively small movements of the turtles' eyes and bodies. On they go. Part Two has them partaking of a beautiful desert sunset. Their thoughts concern very different things. Finally, sleep comes to both tired terrapins ... or does it?

Full of sly wit and finishing in a warm and wonderful way, this book is sure to become as much a favorite read as the first two have always been. The story is told simply, with emotion and subtlety. Friendship is a wondrous thing!

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