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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How This Book Was Made, written by Adam Rex and illustrated by Adam Rex. Disney Hyperion, Hachette. 2016. $18.99 ages 5 and up

"When I had the idea for this book, I went to a quiet place and I wrote. I wrote from early in the morning until late at night. It was very hard work. Soon I had a bunch of words on paper. Those words were a first draft. The first draft of this book was not so good. Neither was the second ... "

So, how often have you arm-wrestled a tiger? In the profusion of ideas that must bombard authors I wonder how many have considered such a premise for the introduction to a book about making a book. Well, leave it to Mac Barnett to show us that ideas come to writers at unexpected times and in many weird places.

His hard work begins with an idea ... as all books must. After much writing, and many drafts, the story is ready to be send to an editor.

"An editor tells you what parts of your
story are good and what
parts you need to fix."

After a back-and-forth between author and editor (described with much humor), the book is approved and sent to an illustrator. It is assumed that he works extremely long hours to ensure that his interpretation of the words meets the author's and the editor's vision for the book. Finally, it is ready to go to print ... in Malaysia!!!!

The printed works arrive back where they belong. After much waiting by everyone who has been involved in the lengthy (and often indirect) journey from idea to publication, it finds its way to a 'reader' which is what ultimately makes it a book.

Listeners and readers are sure to enjoy the hectic nature of the process for making this particular book. Mac Barnett often ups the humor, and Adam Rex uses mixed media to match the tone and wordy descriptive account. It's full of witty images and many details. Kids will delight in poring over its pages, and then going back to see if they missed anything important.

Clever, imaginative and full of surprises. I can't wait to share it!

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