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Sunday, November 20, 2016

LEAVE ME ALONE! By Vera Brosgol. Roaring Brook Press, Macmillan. Raincoast. 2016. $24.99 ages 4 and up

"So she made her bed
as neatly as she could.
She swept the floorboards
until they more or less
She drank tea from her
She packed up her
things in a big sack,
and as she left she
shouted back ... "

The poor grandmother! She looks so happy to be in her rocking chair, knitting needles in hand and a huge pile of yarn at her side. We all know what she is interested in doing! Turn the page ... and we quickly understand why she is yelling so loudly on the front cover. Her house is bursting at the seams with children, children, children  ... her very own grandchildren.

She has a job to do before winter sets in, and being with all those kids allows no time for getting it done. The children are full of wonder at the many balls of yarn, not knowing what to do with them..

"Were you supposed to hit
the ball with a stick?

Could you eat it?

Could you make your
brother eat it?

Why did the ball get smaller
and smaller as you chased it?"

What a mess! After thoroughly cleaning her house, she wants to be left to her own devices. The bears in the forest are an annoyance. The goats on the mountain find the woolly snacks too delicious to ignore. Frustrated and determined, she climbs onto the moon. She is quite the attraction for the moon men. So, she makes her way through a wormhole - peace at last!

Perfectly paced and just right for reading to a group of preschoolers, this is a book that requires a bit of acting. Your listeners will be keen to help with their loudest voices whenever they see that repeated phrase - LEAVE ME ALONE!

As we move rapidly toward Christmas, we all have days when we feel just exactly what the grandmother is feeling. Look for a wormhole!

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