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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Airport Book, written and illustrated by Lisa Brown. Roaring Brook Press, Macmillan. Raincoast, 2016. $20.50 ages 3 and up

"Inside the airport you
stand in lines.
You stand in lines to
get your ticket.
You stand in lines to
check your bags.
There are lines for the
There are lines to go
through security.

I wish that every family standing in a security line at any airport in the world had read this book before leaving, or had it to read while waiting. It is a wonder, and such an accurate, informative portrayal of almost any airport you have ever visited.

In second-person voice, Lisa Brown describes the airport experience for many, even though she focuses our attention on one family. It begins with their trip from home to the airport in a taxi; they are then offloaded at the curb, and make their way to their first line. If you can manage to follow this one family through their travel experience, from start to finish, I will be astounded! There are so many things to distract you ... and they provide such entertainment.

EVERY double-page spread is replete with information about airports, about travel, about other people and families who are sharing similar experiences. There are so many stories to follow and I found it impossible to do all at once. My advice, after spending a good deal of time with this exceptional book, is to focus on one story at a time. That way, you are unlikely to miss the dry humor, the angst, the fun and the everyday experiences of those who choose to travel by plane. Be sure that you don't miss the endpapers; they tell their own part of the story. You are destined to read it again, and then again!

Ms. Brown's realistic ink and watercolor artwork places the reader in the midst of the family's trip and all that it entails. If you have ever travelled with your family, you will recognize yourselves in its pages. If not, you need to have this book to revisit every aspect of your trip when you arrive at your final destination, or once you are back home again.

I love the many brilliant details, the plotting and the clear and valuable information shared. It is destined for my 'keeper' shelf; of that, there is no doubt!

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