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Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Heart Fills With Happiness, written by Monique Gray Smith and illustrated by Julie Flett. Orca Books, 2016. $9.95 ages 2 and up

"My heart fills with
happiness when ...

I hold the hand
of someone I love

I listen
to stories ... "

Would that we all take the time each morning to think about what it is that makes us happy. Wouldn't that be the perfect start to each new day?

Dedicated in part to 'the former Indian Residential School students and their families', Monique Gray Smith writes a quiet song of celebration for those simple things that bring so much pleasure to our lives. Julie Flett's strong cast of aboriginal children and adults savor the daily joys brought by family life and being in the company of the people we love.

The textual phrasing is concise and meaningful, inviting readers to think clearly about what makes a heart fill with happiness. The feelings evoked by being with family and taking part in common events are fully on display in the bold colors and familiar surroundings of young children from all over the world. Whether it's walking barefoot in the grass or watching bannock bake, listeners will feel the warmth of the words and relish the memory of the moments that bring joy.

What fills your heart with happiness?

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