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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mad About Monkeys, written and illustrated by Owen Davey. Flying Eye Books. 2015. $27.50 ages 6 and up

"The largest monkey on the planet is the male Mandrill. They can reach lengths of approximately 3 ft and weigh over 30 kg. If that isn't scary enough, these monkeys have fangs longer than those of lions. They are shy creatures though and spend their days on the ground hunting for fruit, seeds, nuts and the occasional small antelope to eat."

This is an incredibly delivered piece about the monkeys of the world. Owen Davey begins by sharing just exactly what monkeys are, thus setting the stage to take us on an adventure filled with learning.

"So now you know the basics, let's swing right into an unforgettable adventure across continents, from the jungles of South America to the highlands of East Africa. Like us every monkey has its own character and story to tell. So get set to meet our quirky cousins, and go Mad about Monkeys!"

He then shares the evolution of primates over many millions of years, showing both Old World and New World species. He explains how that division is made, and those characteristics that help us tell one from the other. He offers his audience a chance to show off what they have learned by inviting them to use their newly gained knowledge to determine where the monkeys presented fit.

He talks about the ways they socialize, size differences, monkeys who are a part of mythology and the loss of their habitats through deforestation, explaining what is happening and how we can help to make the situation better for monkeys worldwide. It reads like the most informative and enjoyable conversation.

It is a book that is beautifully designed, combining stylized, realistic artwork with a great deal of informative text. You will come away from the reading with a solid knowledge of monkeys shared in a very scientific but accessible way. The index is useful, and well organized.

If you are looking to add more nonfiction to your family or classroom shelves, you cannot go wrong in adding this marvelous, perfectly illustrated book. It is a real delight!

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