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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flop to the Top! a TOON book by Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing. Publishers Group Canada, 2015. $17.95 ages 5 and up

"Oh my, GOSH!
I'm a REAL superstar?
Y-yes I AM!
I was BORN to
be a star!
And I'm ready for
my close-up!
Out of the way,
little girl!
Floppy Dog?"

Wanda is on her way to being the star she believes herself to be. She lives her life as if stardom is hers ... taking endless selfies, watching reality television, posing for every imaginary fan she can conjure. In thinking only of herself, she forgets all that is truly important in her life, especially her family and her pet.

The selfie she posts prior to going to bed one night leads to an unbelievable number of hits overnight. She is exhilarated by the attention. When her younger siblings point out her rise in fame as shown on television, and then on their front lawn, she is amazed!

Facing her adoring public with aplomb and a hearty wave, she is startled to discover that it is her dog Wilbur who has garnered the attention of the social media obsessed public. Wilbur, with his floppy ears and his endlessly expressive face is new fodder for fan delight. Wanda is unimpressed.

"No! It's not
fun if I'm
not the
Out of my way!
He's MY dog!
you are
not funny.
I don't like
your face.
You are a

It's a terrible way to treat a loyal companion, who has no inclination to be the star of any show. Poor Wilbur! Wait! Is that Wilbur burning up the dance floor? Is that Wilbur partying with Sassy Cat and hot-tubbing with Sassy Cat, and about to sign a contract that means leaving his old life and considering a new one?

Just in the nick of time, both Wanda and Wilbur come to a shared understanding.

This graphic addition to the exceptional list of books from TOON offers a great deal of fun for its readers, and a chance for independent reading. Perfect pacing assures interest and repeated readings. The adults who read it to children will be as entertained as their children are ... the best kind of praise, for sure!                                                                              

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