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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Jasper John Dooley: Lost and Found, written by Caroline Adderson and illustrated by Mike Shiell. Kids Can Press, 2015. $16.95 ages 7 and up

"Jasper had to whisper the song because you aren't supposed to sing in the library where people are reading. He did the dance, waving high and low and turning in a circle. Then he told her about the terrible thing that had happened. "Flushed down the toilet!" The librarian shook her head and clucked her tongue, just like a hen."

Welcome back, Jasper John! I hope you know how happy we are to see you again.

You likely know how much Jasper loves visiting with his Nan, and how much he loves the stories that she shares. One time while there, he finds his father's much-loved Marcel Mouse - a toy from his childhood. The television show his father watched as a child came to life in a toy representing the main character. Jasper is entranced to have Marcel in his possession. He is so taken with the toy that he puts him on a long string and wears him every day around his neck. Turns out that Marcel is a very wily one!

Marcel is so tricky that he actually goes missing on a few occasions. First in Jasper's bedroom, and then in the principal's office ... and finally, something really awful happens to him. Jasper has great concern that Marcel may be gone forever.

If you haven't shared Jasper John Dooley's first four adventures, you might ask your librarian for copies of each. Jasper is a character whose unique view of the world is original and appealing. He's funny and his relationships are worthy of our attention. He is a grand friend, brother, son and grandson. He may not be perfect. Who is? But, he is a young boy worth knowing.

This is a perfect series for those kids who are looking to read chapter books for the first time. Once finished the first, they will surely be looking to move on the next. Have it ready, and they will thank you for it!

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