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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Doghouse, written and illustrated by Jan Thomas. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Thomas Allen & Son. 2015. $9.50 ages birth and up

"Oh no!

The ball went into

Who will get it out?

Cow will!
Cow is BIG!
Cow is BRAVE!"

Oh, my gosh! If you have little ones and you have not yet shared books by Jan Thomas with them, you are missing a tremendous treat!

You may have met these friends before ... Pig, Duck, Mouse and Cow. If not, check your local library or book store for A Birthday for Cow (2008). They are sure to entertain and make you laugh. It's perfect for your birthday book collection.

In this new adventure, Cow is obviously at fault when their bright red ball is kicked straight into the doghouse. YIKES! They are all terrified at the prospect of being brave enough to retrieve it. With a lot of prodding by Mouse, Cow moves forward. When she doesn't come back, Mouse is quick to suggest that there are many reasons for Pig to go next.

When Pig doesn't come back, Mouse has a new idea:

"Duck will!
Duck is uh ...
Duck is  ... well ...
Duck is NOISY!


Duck does not come back. Now, Mouse is all alone!
When Mouse quietly wonders if Duck can come out, Dog's answer terrifies him further and Mouse flees. The surprise ending is the icing on the cake for this sure-to-please tale of friendship and misunderstanding. 

Using repetition, bold colors, expressive faces and a funny premise, Jan Thomas assures that young readers will love her story and want to read it repeatedly to anyone who will listen.

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