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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Animal Colors, written by Dawn Sirett. DK Canada, 2015. $8.99 ages 2 and up

" I'm a pink baby
farm animal with a
curly tail.

I'm gray and wrinkly
with a long nose called
a trunk.

I'm dark brown and
furry, and I have long

Interactive board books for little ones can be so much fun!  The writers at DK Publishing tend to find that fun, and present it in colorful, captivating ways. In this book about colors, parents are encouraged to read with their children. While doing so, they will help them to see and remember colors, as well as a wide ranging group of animals using a question and answer style.

The format for each double page spread is the same: four questions with four colors/patterns, and a guessing game concerning the animal being described.

"I'm a big,
farm animal."

Lift that black-and-white flap and read the captioned material:

"I'm a big
cow. Moo! I eat
grass all day and
I make the milk you drink.


Fun to read while providing new information and reinforcing what they already know, this book will hold attention and provide a game-like learning experience for little ones. A final larger, colorful flap offers a look at additional animals and birds while encouraging more active participation, a search and find game and a page which allows for color memory are all found in backmatter. The clear photographs and additional illustrations help young readers with recognition.  There is lots to learn here!

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