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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gus Explores His World, by Olivier Dunrea. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Thomas Allen & Son. 2015. $12.99 ages newborn and up

"Gus stands on a wooden
box in the barn.
He watches the mice
scamper along the beam.

Gus wanders to the pond.
He pokes his head underwater.

Gus quietly watches the turtle ..."

The newest in Olivier Dunrea's simply wonderful tales of tiny, soulful characters that melt hearts tells readers about Gus and his exploring. Gus is a loner, and happy to be one. His observation skills are keen, helping him make special discoveries along the way! Not much escapes him.

So, it is not surprising when he becomes engrossed in the doings of a small turtle. He watches the dirt scraping, the return to the water. Only then does he let his inquisitive nature allow a closer look. he pokes at the dirt with care, only to discover a trio of small eggs.

His kindness kicks in. We watch as he gives all he has to protecting the tiny treasures. Only when there is movement does he leave his post. The hatchlings are welcome in Gus' erstwhile solitary life.

Lovely, soft gouache colors and a deft touch with pen and ink assure the pleasure we feel in meeting Gus again.  I am going to love sharing this with my granddaughter who arrives TODAY!

She will meet BooBoo and Gossie as well in new board book editions.


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