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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Red Knit Cap Girl and the Reading Tree, written and illustrated by Naoko Stoop. Little, Brown and Company, Hachette. 2014. $19.00 ages 4 and up

"Red Knit Cap Girl puts
her book inside,
where it will be safe and dry.
"I will keep my book in this
nook so everyone can read
it," Red Knit Cap Girl says.
"I will keep my book in this
nook so everyone can read
mine, too," White Bunny
"I will, too!"..."

The forest friends are back; this time, they are going to provide a library that welcomes all visitors. Red Knit Cap Girl is just like us. She loves books. So, she decides to share that love by creating a place for books in the hole in a tree trunk. Squirrel is the one who brings it to his friends' attention:

"That's what I wanted to show you all,"
Squirrel says. "It's called a nook."

And a perfect little place it is. It's just right to keep Red Knit Cap Girl's book dry. If the book is dry, everyone can read it. Soon, the other animals add their contributions to the nook. The birds bring a newspaper. Beaver, the builder, constructs a shelf. It isn't long until others are helping out.

Except for one...that wily fox has no intention of leaving those books where they are. She steals one away. The book collection continues to grow. As the weather turns cold, the sheep are happy to offer
a solution. Warm wool blankets are sure to keep readers warm and snug. But, winter will soon be here.

Owl and Moon have been watching. Now, they have a contribution to make.

Naoko Stoop's soft and charming illustrations are created using acrylic paint, ink and pencil on plywood. They provide a feeling of warmth, no matter time of day or season of the year. There is a lot for readers to talk about as they share this welcome addition to the series of stories about Red Knit Cap Girl and her friends.

This would be a perfect book to find in a Free Wee Library. After all, 'It is good to share books.' Don't you agree?


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