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Friday, October 17, 2014

True or False: The Book of Big Questions and Unbelievable Answers.Written by Andrea Mills. DK Publishing, Tourmaline Editions, Inc. 2014. $20.99 ages 10 and up

"True or False? Robots will take over the world. The modern world has been revolutionized by robots - automated machines programmed to perform tasks. At least 10 million robots exist, but world domination is beyond them. Robots cannot show initiative or react spontaneously. They are always ultimately following human instructions."

Here's another of those books from DK Publishing that is sure to keep kids reading for hours, in an attempt to find out what is true or false about their world and some of the strange and funny things they have been told.

The table of contents tells us that the book is divided into 6 sections - human body, nature, science and technology, space, earth, and history and culture. Readers can skip straight to the page that holds the most interest for them, and just read on. I found myself reading through the statements and heading to the one that I had not heard, or that I wanted to see if what I thought was right. There were many statements I had never even considered.

The format is familiar, and satisfying. The section is introduced and followed up with double page spreads that open with a true or false banner, the statement is made, and then answered with the real deal about it. The spread also includes other facts that have to do with each of the parts of that section. We are left with a question to consider. For instance, the robot page asks: "How many car production workers are robots?" Just prior to the index, the answer is given: 'One in every 10 car production workers is a robot."

Of course, there are the trademark colorful photos, clear illustrations and credible infographics we have come to expect that this exemplary publisher. There is much to learn here. You will know exactly the reader who will benefit from finding this book in the classroom or home library.

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