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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Lion and the Bird, written and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc. Enchanted Lion Books, Publishers Group Canada. 2014. $22.50 ages 4 and up

"Let's bandage you up,"
says Lion.

"That will help."

"Oh, no! They're
flying away."

Don't worry!
You won't be cold here."

Before I tell you about this heartwarming pair, I want to say that I think you should be on the constant lookout for books published by the stellar Enchanted Lion Books. They continually publish remarkable examples of books that we need to be sharing with our children!

On we go! This story concerns a dapper lion who is out working in his fall garden when he spots an injured bird. An attentive individual would never leave the bird in its sorry state. So, the lion applies a bandage; but, it's not soon enough for said bird to join his flock on their migration.

The lion, ever accommodating, takes the bird home and provides warmth, food and friendship throughout the fall and winter. With the advent of spring, the bird's flock returns. Off they go...which is just as it should be.

"And so it goes.
Sometimes life is like that."

Through the long, slow summer the lion goes about gardening and living a lonely life. As flocks pass overhead in the fall, the lion is hopeful...and then disheartened. Wait! What is that melodic note?

Marianne Dubuc uses a quiet color palette to capture mood, and only deepens the soft tones when the two spend the long, cold winter together. It is very effective. She provides warmth and quiet understanding for the two, and children will be charmed by the many details of the home life they share.

This book is a treasure, and to be treasured for its tale of steadfast friendship.

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