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Friday, October 31, 2014

Princess Pistachio, words and pictures by Marie-Louise Gay. Pajama Press, 2014. $12.95 ages 7 and up

"Every day, the king and queen showered her with presents - silver skates, invisible kites, a parrot that spoke five languages, and a piano-playing monkey. A thousand and one presents, each one more wonderful that the one before. But one day, a ghastly witch, green with envy, stole their precious princess. The witch abandoned her on the other side of the world, at 23 Maple Street..."

Pistachio finds it very hard to believe that she is where she should be and doing what she is doing. She is convinced that her home is not her real home, and that her parents and little sister have no place in the life she is meant to live. She knows, even  if no one else does, that she is a princess!

Her parents are the king and queen of Papua! Everyone should be aware of that. So, when a card that has no signature and the gift of a golden crown arrive just in time for her birthday, she has all the proof she needs. Along with the many other indulgences they have provided, 'Princess' Pistachio has one more gift to add to her stash. She is sure it will be no time at all until they arrive to claim her for their own. She is ecstatic!

This princess leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to manners, and her treatment of others. She doesn't like her little sister, she refuses to eat spinach, and she always has better things to be doing.

"Can't you see I have other things to do?" Pistachio replies.
"Besides, princesses never look after smelly babies."
"Princesses," her mother says, "always obey their mothers,
or they go without television for a week."
"My real mother would never deny me anything," Pistachio mutters."

Have you been there? I know I have...with both a prince and a princess!

It's a great deal of fun to read about Pistachio and her attempts to prove her worth as royalty, despite many parental obstacles. Her parents are not about to give in, her classmates dismiss her assertions and tease her, her dog yawns when she introduces herself. Poor Pistachio!

Despite her many attempts to prove herself worthy of a royal title, Pistachio must finally admit that her family is her family. It is her Grandpa who breaks the unwelcome news...he sent the present. It is a rude awakening. It isn't until a family emergency fills her with worry and sets her on a course to find her little sister that she realizes what is truly most important in life.

This is  welcome early reader that is sure to earn even more fans for the very popular and charming Marie-Louise Gay. You will find Pistachio to be lovable, energetic and very opinionated.

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