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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bob's Hungry Ghost, written and illustrated by Genevieve Cote. Tundra Books, 2014. $19.99 ages 4 and up

"Ghosts don't like to
fetch at all. And they
can't actually sit.

"Walking a ghost on
a leash isn't a very
good idea either.
Fluffy can't walk.
BUT he sure can

Well, pets are pets! Bob wants one, and the one he gets happens to be a ghost. Not a lot of people have experience with caring for ghost pets. Bob does his best to provide for its every need, and keep it happy. Named Fluffy, an innocuous and sweet-sounding moniker, doesn't help with the ghost's penchant for ignoring all that Bob wants from his pet.

Fluffy doesn't come, sit or fetch. A leash doesn't work. But, he can fly and he likes to play hide-and-seek. Bob is not too impressed with that little trick. There's not much to do with your ghost then, is there? Fluffy feels boredom setting in. Apparently when ghosts can't find enough to keep them busy, they get hungry. That happens with puppies and kittens, doesn't it? They just may not go to the lengths that Fluffy does.

As Fluffy gets bigger and bigger, Bob's belongings seem to be disappearing. Could it be that Fluffy is devouring them? Bob sets out to solve the problem. His problem solving skills will impress. As well as honing those skills, he also learns an important lesson in caring for a pet.

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