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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nancy Knows, written and illustrated by Cybele Young. Tundra Books, 2014. $19.99 ages 4 and up

"She remembers things
one way.

Then another.


And forwards.

All in  neat rows."

Anyone who has seen and admired Cybele Young's captivating books will know that she always has a surprise up her sleeve. In her newest book, we meet Nancy.
Nancy is a lot like me...lots in my head, not always able to 'thought stalk' it out of there. For people my age, we call them senior moments.

Nancy knows she has forgotten something...she just can't remember what it is. She knows that it is important. For the life of her, this time she can't capture the image. Other times, it has worked to think of many things, in hopes that it will trigger the memory needed at the moment. She uses all of her previous tactics; the ones that have helped on other occasions. She thinks of things with wheels, clothes, relaxing places, colors...the list goes on. As so often happens to me, when Nancy stops trying so hard, she REMEMBERS!


 So, that's the story. I cannot do justice to the artwork that is 'rendered in graphite pencil and sculptures made with Japanese papers.'  No isn't possible to capture the fascinating images. . Ms. Young fills Nancy's graphite-outlined body full of delicate, detailed paper sculptures that are so intricate you will find yourself closely taking in each and every one of them. It is almost inconceivable to think of the creative genius needed to create each tiny treasure. There are times when I just want to pick a piece up in my hands and study it even more carefully.

Full of wonder, and magical! Please don't miss the opportunity to share it.

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