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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Children Who Loved Books, written and illustrated by Peter Carnavas. Kane Miller, 2013. $13.95 ages 3 and up

"But Angus and Lucy
had books...
hundreds of them.

They were stacked here
and piled there,
balanced, propped and
shoved in all kinds of
odd places.
Books cluttered every
corner of their home..."

Celebrate good times! This book made me smile, smile, smile; and it made me wish that I had been smart enough to write it! Peter Carnavas' brightly colored, book-filled images add just the perfect touch to this warm and heartfelt tale.

Lucy and Angus do not have many of the things that so many children in our society do have. They live in a small caravan, with no TV (egad!) and no car to get them from one place to another. They are content. What they have in abundance is love of family, and books, books, books!

I can't think of a better way to spend my days, as you know. Luckily, our kids have grown up to feel the same as I do, and as their dad did. We are blessed. Although we have far more than most people need, we are eternally grateful for that and for our friends, family, good health and that we live where we can appreciate all that is ours.

When their caravan comes close to bursting at the seams with the growing abundance of books, they must find a way to deal with the dilemma. So, they get rid of the books, leaving space for family and breathing. It also causes a multitude of unexpected problems, not the least of which is that there is now more space between parents and children. It is not as pleasing as it had once been.

Lucy to the rescue:

"Then one afternoon,
something tumbled from Lucy's school bag.
"What's this?" said Dad.
"A book," Lucy answered.
"From where?" asked Mom.
"The library," Lucy replied.

Soon the family is reading it together, happy and close inside their tiny home.  Where do you think they head on the very next morning?

"Lucy and Angus didn't have very much,
but they had all they would ever need."

I concur!


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