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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm a Frog! Written and illustrated by Mo Willems. Hyperion Books for Children, Hachette. 2013. $9.99 ages 3 and up




What if I become a frog?
Hopping all day...
Eating flies!"

Poor Elephant! Piggie is so adept at creating chaos in his life. But, let's remember...she is his best friend, and also brings great joy to many of his days. Can this be their 20th
adventure? Indeed, it can!

Gerald is ever the cautious one, while Piggie displays exuberance at every turn, whether she is playing a trumpet, bird sitting, or loving a new toy. As is usual, Gerald is not quick on the uptake when Piggie tries to convince him that she is a frog. He is baffled by her assertion, and even begins to doubt himself about what is really happening:

"You are a ...frog?
I did not know that.
I was sure you were a pig.
You look like a pig.
And your name is "Piggie."

Piggie is nothing, if not persistent. Even when she calmly explains what is really happening, Gerald is a little discombobulated. She has to carefully clarify for him what 'pretending' is. He is impressed!

I cannot wait to read this book to my first group of little ones, or adults. The results will be the same. It's sure to please and get a rousing response. I can't imagine any books that have such an impact on early readers as these books do. They just beg to be read aloud, and kids beg to read them on their own.

And the illustrations??? Fantastic, just splendid! Right on, Mo Willems...errrrr, I mean WRITE ON!!!


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