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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Art of Stone Skipping and Other Fun Old-Time Games, written by J. J. Ferrer. Charlesbridge, Thomas Allen & Son. 2012. $16.95 ages 5 and up

"Say the rhyme below while bouncing the ball off a wall. While the ball is bouncing, do the action listed next to the rhyme's text, finishing it before catching the ball with either hand. If you drop the ball or make a mistake with the rhyme or the action, you have to start again from the beginning."

What a load of fun this book is!

The author certainly took me back, and quickly, to days of my childhood and all of the fun we had in our neighborhood. Days were spent with everyone outside for as long as our parents allowed it. What games we didn't know others taught us. Despite the fact that I live across the street from a K-8 school today, I see only a few children playing there.  Such a shame!

Mr. Ferrer notes that games have been played throughout history and have had great import for children and their families throughout those many years. They help children learn skills, build a variety of strengths and how to have real fun with others. Being a part of any team has a lifetime benefit and allows for understanding, empathy and tremendous growth.

The book is divided into seven sections and covers so many types of games it is almost overwhelming. Ball, brain, solitary, car, card, group and partner games run the gamut and various venues are also described. The design of the book makes all pertinent information obvious, naming the game, the number of players, the materials needed, and the rules in easy-to-follow entries. There are 'fun facts' giving background and some amazing information.

This is a great book for families, for schools and for other organized groups. You might find here a game that you had forgotten about over the years since you last played it. I assure you that it will bring back some happy memories.

Now, get yourself and the kids outside for some OLD-FASHIONED fun! You won't be sorry....and who knows? you might have a blast.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed my book; hope you'll use it to create some NEW fun memories!