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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where Do You Look? By Marthe Jocelyn & Nell Jocelyn. Tundra Books, Random House. 2013. $17.99 ages 3 and up


"Where do you look
for a button?

On a shirt?

Or on a telephone?

Where do you look
for a tongue?

Kids seem to love books that make them think. Those books appear  to be trying to trick them. That's the real bonus when you look at this new book by Marthe Jocelyn and her daughter Nell.

The concept is simple; and the book will surely help them come to grips with the concept we call homonyms. In this case, they are all words that are spelled the same, but mean something different. You can see that from the opening quote.

The endpapers are great fun at a time when glasses are very much an accessory to the outfit being worn. Fashionistas will pore over the varied collection looking for something that they would like to wear. The add color, and context for what's ahead.

As the questions are asked, the authors share ideas to consider before moving on to the next word. Are there other words that might suit? It's worth thinking about and discussing. What can you add to the conversation?

The collage artwork is colorful, detailed and familiar for young readers. I like the cutout letters that are used to ask each new question, and the fact that the homonym is created in bold red letters. This gives emergent readers a clear look at the word, and helps them sort through visual information. The words chosen boost understanding for little language learners. The collages will encourage them to look carefully and talk about what they see on each page.

Books such as this make learning to read fun; that's just as it should be!

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